Artist Statement

Montana Clay Tour July 2019 Helena, MT

In selecting work for this show, I am thinking of the past winter in Montana and how the studio work during the snowy days  sustained me. I was looking at integrating the flora and fauna of the local landscape in Paradise Valley when in March, just at the Equinox, the Bluebirds returned. There was still snow and they bravely began mating and nesting. So I studied them and put their images on functional ware. The Robins came almost at the same time, beginning their strident call as the air and earth finally warmed. The Robin series is a result of this inspiration.

Later in the season, I began work on a larger piece, an amphora after the floral Palace Style Amphora at Knossos. It was at MSU Bozeman that I completed the coil built octopus jar mirroring Cretan designs. It was then that I discovered the work of Sir Arthur Evans and his wonderful detailed archeology of the site at Knossos and beyond.

The cosmology and art of the Minoans continues to fuel the impetus for this work. When pots and sculpture, frescoes and architecture combine to reflect a matriarchal culture, it fosters an holistic relationship between art and life. That has been my intent since I entered the art world back in the 70’s at Montserrat.

It is still true today that appreciating the balance of art and nature, living in an environment of peace, can uplift our world. I believe this is the job of the artist to reflect and grow that wholeness now more than ever.


                         Palace Style Amphora

                      Palace Style Amphora

robin jar

Robin Returning Jar


Goreyo Bird Jar

Bird Vase 


Cel Bowl 4img_6517

IMG_6006Summer Days Tea Set


Red Foral Mug

Also showing in Billings MSU: The Montana Clay Group InvitationalGoreyo Clouds and Cranes

Stoneware Vessel Celadon Glaze with Carved Underglazes

November 29th through the Billings Artwalk December 7th

MSU Billings

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